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In TATCHA’s ancient beauty text, we discovered that one of the geisha’s simplest-yet-most-effective beauty secrets emphasizes renewing skin circulation and refreshing the skin’s blood supply. In doing so, the exquisite beauties achieved their youthful, glowing skin. Two hundred years later, modern science echoes the timeless benefits of microcirculation, inspiration for TATCHA’s Enriching Renewal Cream.

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Customer Reviews

  • The best face cream I have ever used

    This cream works better for me than any face cream I have ever used. When I decided to buy it for the first time, I was hoping it would stop or at least slow down the appearance of signs of aging on my face. It did more - it actually visibly softened some deeper lines that I had and improved the looks of my skin all together! This product is excellent and a little goes a long way which means your jar lasts for quite some time. Also, I love love this company. When I first ordered their discovery set, I forgot to specify I needed it for dry skin. I sent them an email and almost immediately received a reply by a real person, not an automatic one, assuring me that Tatcha had corrected my order and I would receive the appropriate cream which I had.
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  • love everything

    I recently moved to a dry climate and really struggled with my skin ...till I found TATCHA! For the fist time in my life, I have found that ALL of these products work me. I no longer have dry, dehydrated skin. I am always being told what beautiful skin I have. However, this cream is my favorite! I will not live without it .....Thank you, TATCHA!
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  • Dream Cream

    I can't imagine using another face cream at night! This cream is soft and moisturizing, and a very small amount is all that is needed. It is not greasy or heavy. If you are in need of intense moisture, then this will do the trick.
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  • Search is over!

    I am 63 and have many skin care products! Living in Texas is a daily battle to keep your skin looking nice. This Tatcha cream is amazing, my search is over. TATCHA FOR LIFE!!!!
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  • Amazing results

    I am 81 years old but people consistently think I am in my 50s. I know that a lot of this is due to Tatcha products including this cream. I have very few wrinkles and my skins is firm and healthy looking.
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