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In TATCHA’s ancient beauty text, we discovered that one of the geisha’s simplest-yet-most-effective beauty secrets emphasizes renewing skin circulation and refreshing the skin’s blood supply. In doing so, the exquisite beauties achieved their youthful, glowing skin. Two hundred years later, modern science echoes the timeless benefits of microcirculation, inspiration for TATCHA’s Enriching Renewal Cream.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it!!

    My favorite moisturizer!! Makes my skin look soft & healthy!
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  • This is My Secret

    I am in my mid-30s and have only just really started to take my face health seriously. I came across Tatcha about a year ago and Tatcha products are now the only ones I use on my face. Period. This moisturizer is absolutely amazing and my hands-down, all-time favorite moisturizer to use. Ageless is my secret to fantastic skin. While I do enjoy an array of Tatcha products, on days when I'm pressed for time...the two products I refuse to live without are Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder and Ageless. It's easy to believe a product is great when you look in the mirror and see a glow after application. But when - after months of daily use - the people around you start to see (and mention) the difference...you know this product is amazing. Seriously, when people tell me I have great skin...I look at them like they're crazy. That's never been me. Well, at least...not until Tatcha. So, whether you're like me and a little late to treating your face with the respect it deserves or not, this moisturizer needs its place in your daily routine.
    Dear Tatcha Goddesses....PLEASE get this moisturizer back in stock! I'm running dangerously low on my supply! Thank goodness a little goes a long way! :o)
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  • The Perfect Fit

    I adore a moisturizer that gives an extra juicy feel to my skin and this is the perfect fit. I tried the Silk Cream which I liked, but amped up the moisture to this baby the next time and I'm glad I did. I'm the kind of person that likes the feeling of moisture and don't want it to completely disappear the moment I apply it. My skin looks dewy and I have a delicious glow the whole day. Thank you Tatcha for providing this option for those of us with dehydrated skin!
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  • Not for me

    I don't know if I am too young for this cream or it is just too strong for my skin, but this product is not working for me. I have normal skin and I never had any problem with face cream before, but after applying this one my face becomes red. By the morning my face would become so oily, even I don't have oily skin. It would be that oily, that I need to do whole cleansing process that I am doing in the night, like if I had a heavy makeup on my face. I am really disappointed.
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  • Not for me

    This is a nice cream but it wasn't moisturizing enough for my very dry skin.
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