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During my travels to Japan, I often heard reference to “Samurai Blue”, a rich shade referred to by the rest of the world as Indigo. I discovered that when the noble samurai journeyed across their domain, they wore a layer of Indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor. The Indigo, famed for its anti-inflammatory powers, would begin to heal wounds the moment they were sustained. The samurai’s reliance upon this powerful plant led to its nickname, “Samurai Blue”.

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Customer Reviews

  • 4.5 Stars

    I just received this in my subscription to Allure Beauty Box as a birthday gift. As a comparison, I got a huge gift card to a Beauty shop and went on a shopping spree. Out of all the amazing luxury beauty products I bought (30 items) this is my second favorite out of EVERYTHING. (First is a perfume).
    Upon finding this in my beauty box I was drawn to it by the size and color. The travel size is huge to get in a sample box. The jar just feels luxurious! Opening the jar and getting just a whiff of the smell made me fall in love. Its a very soft yet sophisticated smell. It has a tiny touch of citrus with a more floral scent. Usually when creams have citrus smells it is the dominant scent, and I really love citrus. But I was happy that it wasn't the dominant scent. I'm not usually a floral person but this body butter just hit every note that I love! Its like if you could smell falling in love this would be it.
    Don't even get me started on the color!! It just makes it that much more memorable. I've never experienced a cool tone, rich color of Indigo in a cream. Its like magic when you blend it into your skin it disappears. If you're in a well lighted area you can see a bit of tint to it. Its really good to tone down red areas but with a bit more rubbing its gone.
    The feel of it is much like silk! A reason I would give it 4.5 stars is partly because its not a weightless cream like you would expect with luxury creams. It doesn't bother me but its note worthy. I have been applying this over and over so I can reexperience the feeling and I can definitely feel the weight. I felt the weight with the first application as well but this is the best body butter ever so I couldn't take a whole star. It is still very silky and smooth. Cooling and calming. It actually inspired me to light some candles with a bath.
    The second reason I would give it 4.5 stars is the price. I really think that this body butter is worth the price, I really do. If I had the money to buy this I would buy a lot. I just don't have the money to pay for this right now. Makes me sad. The travel size is 12$ which I can afford but its always a better deal to buy bigger sizes. Depending on how sad I am when this travel size jar is gone, I might buy another at this price.
    I know this is a long review but I felt I had to describe everything about this body butter. It just makes me feel like a princess when in reality I'm a stay-at-home mommy who has no time for herself. If you're on the fence about buying this I would just say to try the travel size. I know someone out there will love this as much as I do. Excuse me while I go rub some more on my arms.
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  • Wonderful!

    I love the body butter. It really helps my itchy skin and the smell is intoxicating!!
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  • Love it

    Love the smell and color :) good product
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  • Love this!

    Sometimes my hands get slightly inflamed from housework and this body butter gives me relief and moisture. Love this and I'm definitely buying again when I finish this tub!
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  • Also EXCELLENT to combat Retin use irritation

    My Dermatologist recommended that I try a retin treatment for my overly oily, shiny (NOT "dewy") skin, which causes very small, harmless bumps as well, but they look HUGE TO ME and some just keep increasing in size and number :(
    The retin treatment I used for several months but realized that the more I used it, the more itchy and irritated my face got and as we went through Autumn and now to Winter, nothing seemed to help this issue. I even layer multiple creams/moisturizers, and serums definitely at least 1x per day.

    I currently use Tatcha's Supple Silk Face Cream and on days I want/need more easily absorbable moisture I also use Tatcha's Dewy Face Mist. Also, I use Tatcha's Ageless Eye Cream. (I admit that I also use other brand's moisturizers or, my very favorites- hydrating masks, applied more lightly as a cream or more thickly to wear all night.) Things got a bit better when I reduced my use of the retin product, but it seemed my skin had reached it's limit concerning irritation, itchy, etc. because that did not improve how I'd been hoping for it to....

    One night, a couple of months ago, I was doing my forever feeling nightly skin care and I happened to glance at my Trial Sized INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter jar that I'd ordered ASAP after trying out the packet sample and being amazed at the great results it gave to my lover legs that were itchy, inflamed, had raised red bumps, and sometimes would even keep me up at night, especially in Summer with the irritation. I quickly remembered how soothing and healing Indigo is, as well as Silk, how Tatcha does not use so many bad for us/or skin ingredients, and most of all- I knew just exactly how silky the INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter is, it's seemingly as silky as the Supple Silk Face Moisturizer.

    So, I immediately decided to just apply to my face right away as my final step) and neck and to worry about breakouts, my WORST face skin fear when trying anything new on my face, LATER- the next day after waking, and feeling how my face had responded! NO ZITS (OR FURTHER IRRITATION) OR BLOCKED PORES OR THE BEGINNING OF ANY BLEMISH COULD BE SEEN OR FELT THE NEXT DAY!! NOTHING in this caused ANY sort of facial irritation in the days following- I waited nearly a week after the first application to see if anything bad was going to happen. All I got was another, even more special layer of moisture, infused with the healing, ant-irritation, and anti-inflammatory powers of beautiful, natural Indigo, working synergistically with softening and soothing Silk along with the other awesome ingredients!

    This feels SO Silky smooth applying, it feels cool too, which also helps reduce irritation. This is now my final step EVERY night in my last part of skin care for me - moisturizing. I sometimes apply the mist, then definitely the Supple Silk Cream, and then this, the INDIGO Soothing Silk Body Butter. I'm INCREDIBLY happy I found something that helps heal my face from the retin (because it DOES work for me, but the irritation can get REALLY bad, especially in the heat/Summer,) reduce painful irritation & annoying, burning itching that will often keep me awake at night!

    Thank you, everyone at Tatcha, for sharing these ancient and natural beauty remedies with the World and extra, Extra Thanks for deciding to bring them to us in Trial/Travel Sizes, for many reasons! Now, I can have the small jar on my bathroom sink, and the large jar on the night stand beside my bed :)
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