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Customer Reviews

  • Saved my skin

    I have struggled my entire life with sensitive, easily blemished skin, dark circles from insomnia, and recently very violent, auto-immune triggered allergies. Tatcha has been the only skincare gentle enough to use daily while still proving to be an extremely effective range of products...and by now I have nearly everything they offer for sensitive, combination skin. I’ve tried Korean skincare, and while I enjoyed it in general, this routine is by far simpler, and despite the initially hefty price tag, the most effective. The rice powder lasts forever, and I rotate through Tatcha’s different serums and moisturizers based on how my skin is behaving with the weather and allergies. And not a lot of product is needed to get the benefits. The Triple Recovery cream is definitely the richest as far as consistency for a ritual moisturizer, even compared to the silk cream. A little goes a long way with all of Tatcha’s products.
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  • Wonderful Products!

    I have had extremely pale, sensitive, reactive skin for the past several years. It started when I was about 20. I was misdiagnosed twice. I was prescribed products that absolutely destroyed my skin causing welts, hives, chemical burns and overwhelming dryness and pain.

    Finally I was properly diagnosed with rosacea just about a year ago. It was difficult (and expensive) trying to find out what would work for me. I stumbled across this brand desperate and at my wits end. I first tried the Indigo Rice Enzyme Powder. I expected my face to burn and itch afterwards like all the other (even the most gentle) washes would cause but I was pleasantly surprised when I felt absolutely soothed after I washed my face. I then tried the Indigo Triple Recovery Cream and my jaw nearly hit the floor when the next morning I was able to see a very noticeable reduction in the redness I thought was the permanent color of my face.

    It may seem so corny by saying that these products have changed my life but they did! I can hardly believe that the skin I touch is my own. I never thought that such a transformation could occur.
    So from the bottom of my heart I just wanted to say thank you and please please continue to make such wonderful products.
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  • Review after 30 days (or so)

    I have always had good skin but always felt the need to wear a foundation. Not anymore! After approximately one month after starting this skin care line, I no longer feel the need to cover up my skin AT ALL. I can now leave with my Tatcha lip product, a little eye makeup and I am good to go. I am 50 and no one believes me! (in a good way) :)
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  • Saved my Skin!

    I honestly have always had very good skin. I grew up in a beach town (Santa Cruz) and never had an issue with moisture. People would comment on how flawless my face skin was all the time, my entire life. I have rosacea and the most sensitive skin. I've always struggled with it, but this year (my fifth winter living in Colorado) it just became unbearable and my skin was NOT HAPPY. I have been on a mission this year to figure out how to manage my inflammation. It was always the worst after I showered and washed my face. I hunted and researched and tried to stay as organic and natural as possible. I wanted to heal it "naturally". After sooooo many trials and mostly errors... you have literally SAVED my sanity and my skin. Unbelievable. Thank you thank you thank you!
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  • Absolutely love tatcha indigo!

    Literally the best thing I have ever done for my skin in my 30 years of life! In my late 20's I started developing bad rosacea but have always had redness and I had literally tried everything I could possibly imagine to help with my skin. I saw a Tatcha presentation on QVC one day and saw that the rice enzyme and cleansing oil were in a duo and decided to give it a try along with the indigo cream as well and my skin has never felt or looked better. The raised areas where my rosacea was inflamed within a week had massively decreased in redness and size. I absolutely love Tatcha and yes, it may be expensive, but is absolutely without a doubt worth every single penny!
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