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Customer Reviews

  • This is a miracle!

    I was at a loss. My skin hates everything, it reacts to every product under the sun and no matter what I thought I would always be having these terrible reactions. I was very skeptical when the indigo line was recommended to me. It is pricy and I didn't want to spend all that money only to have yet another failed attempt. How wrong was I? This stuff is a miracle on my skin from the very first use I had no reaction. I could see the redness recede from my face. At that point I was trying to convince myself it was a fluke and there is no way that this stuff is as magical as I was coming to believe, but it was. I have now been using the indigo line for 6 weeks. My skin still reacts to my make up, but the reaction is nowhere near as bad since the products soothe it over and cool my skin. It might as well be magic! I do not think I will ever turn back.
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  • Amazing

    I always read reviews with "yea right" in the back of my mind. I ordered the travel size discovery kit of the Indigo line for my dry, sensitive, reactive, rosacea skin. I was extremely skeptical but thought it was worth a try. I could return it if it didn't work. There are so many products I have tried and had a reaction to that I have lost count. I waited a couple of days after the kit arrived to try it I so wasn't in the mood to have another painful reaction to skin care products. I bit the bullet and gave this line a try. I am so happy I found these products. I have been using them for a couple of months now and no reactions to this line at all. I am really loving the Indigo products. My redness has been reduced and my skin feels soothed. It is soft, feels moisturized, and not tight or irritated. The enzyme rice power does an excellent job at exfoliating. I was the most skeptical about this product. I still can't believe how well it works and it doesn't leave my skin feeling raw or stripped and yet it actually works. Yes this product line is expensive but I haven't tried anything that my skin loves like the Indigo products. I have had sensitive rosacea skin since my late 20's and am now in my early 50's. I was running out of things to try. These products just work for me. They may not work for everyone but they are sure worth a try. I ended up ordering the full sized set and two months in I am still amazed at how my skin feels. Thank you Tatcha.
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  • You have me for life!

    Tried these products and I don't know how I didn't find you sooner!
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  • Never been happy with my skin

    I brought the travel sizes and have been using them for a week and I never felt so happy with my skin before. I immediately see the results after trying this product. I'm usually very dry around my eyes and nose area but I don't have any problem with that area what so ever now. I'm excited to try their hand cream and body butter because my skin in general is very dry (my face not anymore thanks to TATCHA), I hope the body butter and hand cream can repair my dry skin.
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  • Finally...something for sensitive skin!

    I nearly cried when I visited and saw a whole section for sensitive skin. Normally when I see skincare so luxurious, it doesn't work for my dry, irritated skin. I immediately got this ritual and every single item makes my skin so happy, I don't know what I did before Tatcha!
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