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Revitalizing Eye Cream

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Despite a flurry of activities, engagements and entertaining, geisha remain flawlessly beautiful. Her eyes always appear rested and refreshed, as if she had slept all night. In TATCHA’s ancient beauty book, we discover the secret to her sparkling eyes: rich moisturization drawn from natural ingredients, part of her daily beauty ritual.

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    “Eastern Promise: Ancient beauty secrets of the geisha”

    "What would you do if you heard about a 200-year-old book from Japan, the oldest of its kind, said to contain never-before-seen details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha?"

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    “San Francisco's New Japanese-Themed Beauty Brand”

    "Already a talk among celebrities"

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    Modern Luxury

    “Complexion Perfection”

    "TATCHA founder Victoria Tsai's timeline for wedding luminosity."

How do I apply the eye cream, and how often should I apply it?
With your finger, gently dab Tatcha’s Revitalizing Eye Cream under the eye and smooth away from the inner corner until fully absorbed. Use morning and night.

Can I apply makeup over this eye cream?
Yes. Like many items in our collection, Tatcha’s Revitalizing Eye Cream both nourishes and functions as a primer for makeup.

What step in the Ritual is this eye cream?
Tatcha’s Revitalizing Eye Cream supplements our core ritual, providing additional benefits targeted for your eye area. Apply cream just before moisturizing. Topping it with moisturizer will help seal in its key ingredients.

  • Luxurious excellence

    I had written off anything for the eyes until I received the travel size of this. It's become one of my favorites. This long lasting jewel is a multitasker too. The consistency is significant & creamy to the touch. I use it lightly around my upper lip to prevent vertices lines. My eyes love it. With only a faint natural aroma it is not irritating & it does absorb without budging. No wonder everyone is crazy over this eye cream. It's unlike any I have ever used. I feel a slight tightening lately. Long lasting! Both travel size & full size have lasted for over a year! Completely fresh after all this time. No contamination, no sign of breaking down or loss of efficacy. Very stable product that is good for your delicate skin. It has a primer like effect as well. The packaging A+. It is the only eye cream I will repurchase at this price because eye know it will last a long time!
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  • Cannot Live Without This

    Out of all the Tatcha treasures I've purchased and used over the past year, the one I cannot and will not ever live without is the revitalizing eye cream. Why? Because the lines around my eyes are virtually gone, and I even use it between my eyebrows to make sure my "11" doesn't reappear. It is magical!
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  • This is amazing!!

    I am constantly on the search for the holy grail eye cream. This unicorn of an eye cream will provide long lasting hydration, address some under eye darkness, can be worn under makeup without issue, and minimizes lines. Well, all my eye cream dreams have come true! I must admit I was hesitant because I didn't like the idea of sticking my finger in the container. Once I tried this eye cream, I immediately forgot about my concerns. This is the best eye cream I have ever used.
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  • Terrific!

    I tried this product once a few years back and frankly was unimpressed. Then, in an effort to try to find Tatcha quality products at a cheaper price, I did a lot of trial and error with other lines. Mostly error! The skin above my eyelid is unusually sensitive and reveals the slightest trace of irritation. It was raw, flaking, and very sore. Nothing was helping it heal. I grabbed this from the back of the drawer and: ah. It helped heal the irritation. Since then, it has been the perfect balance of lightness, emollience, and moisture for around my eyes, day and night. It's pricey but there's also a lot of product here. No going back!
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  • Love my eye cream

    Omg. Used several product brands and nothing has had the results TATCHA has. For men or women to use. I highly recommend this product!
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