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Customer Reviews

  • Looking GREAT!

    I have eczema skin condition, dry, with an Oily t-zone. I just received my package from TATCHA last night (Singapore). Took a week to arrive (including sat and sunday.) I was so excited to try this primer out, It smells exactly like their camellia oil. Very soft floral scent. The first thing I noticed while I was applying is, you REALLY don't need that much product. Second thing I noticed, the "coin" is curved so that it FITS directly and only on the cap of the Primer. It doesn't slip and slide that some beauty gurus say but "the locking" mechanism is in the design of the coin and cap of the primer together. I found it very innovative. I wish it was magnetic though so that I wouldn't have to dig my bag while travelling but its just out of laziness that anyone can deal with. I Have been wearing this for about 4 hours now, pairing it with the NARS new foundation (serum foundation), IT looks SO amazing. Usually by this time I look shiny from working in and out of the Lab and green house. But I look as if I walked out of a SPA with dewy skin and NO PORES. The product enhances the pigmentation of the foundation in some ways. Normally, even with this foundation's full coverage capabilities I personally do not tend to pack it on. But with this primer it feels like I beat my face down to a full coverage, with a very small amount. Like a literal pea size. I have tried the finger smudge test, where after a few hours I just dab my finger on my face to see if any foundation just "detaches" from my skin but there isn't. I'm so surprised at how this is keeping the oil at bay but not irritating my Eczema skin condition. It just makes you look airbrushed if that makes sense. Your pores are gone, oil kept in but healthy enough glow to peek through, and holds foundation enough to pass the smudge test.
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  • Obsessed!

    I am obsessed with this primer! My skin looks so smooth and flawless after I apply my foundation. I use the complete line of Tatcha and have tried literally everything they make because the science and ideas that drive the whole line and the philosophy behind their products is so incredible.
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  • Soft Focus glow!

    I’ve never been particularly interested in primers and thought of them more as a special use product for occasions when I needed my makeup to look fresh and to last from morning to night—until now! I decided to try Tatcha’s new primer because I had a couple events coming up. I told myself if any brand could come up with a primer that would feel weightless, be suitable for sensitive skin, and not dry out my mature skin or create that dreaded über matte finish, it would be Tatcha. And, Tatcha did not disappoint! This silky primer blends out beautifully on my fair complexion and leaves a smooth and even, soft focus glow of good health that renders my skin “makeup optional”. Full disclosure here (lol), I do have excellent skin to begin with and only use about half what Tatcha recommends. That is enough to do my face and neck. And, since I’m in my seventies, I really appreciate the blurring effect on the wrinkles and crinkles. Three cheers for Tatcha’s new primer and the look of good health!
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  • Skin on a Cloud

    This is the lightest, non drying, and comforting primer. It is soothing and moisturizing and doesn’t feel like an additional layer. I would wear this every day even when not wearing makeup just for the benefit of how it makes my skin feel. It applies with no effort. I think it's gold. If you find it doesn’t hold your makeup to your liking just use your preferred setting spray. I would buy this in bulk but I think it will last several months.
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  • New Holy Grail Primer

    I've tried my fair share of primers, including popular primers from top makeup brands like Too Faced, Becca, Tarte, etc but never found one that I felt actually made much of a difference. The Silk Canvas changed the game! You can literally feel your skin becoming smoother as you apply it to your face. This primer makes my liquid foundation glide on easily and evenly, and smooths out pores and imperfections. I'm also used to needing a loooot of product with other primers I've tried - One of the best things about this one is that a little bit goes a very long way, so it will last so much longer! You really only need a tiny amount of this product - applying in excess has the potential to make your face appear oily because the primer is so moisturizing.
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