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This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

“Traditional Japanese Practice”

β€œ... the essence softens skin as it hydrates and sets the stage for serums and moisturizers to come.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Worth Every Penny!

    I just tried this kit that I received yesterday and I am astonished at how it made my skin look after just 1 use! First of all the packaging is just beautiful. And the actual process is so quick and easy! My skin looked more balanced and my pores appeared smaller after just 1 use! It's amazing. Thank you Vicky for creating these products.
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  • A must have set!

    I have an allergy prone mature skin so I have to be very careful with skin care products. So, I tried this set and saw a great result after the first use. I am not even sure which of these products I like more. The Essence makes my skin feel warm. It is not burning and not unpleasant. After 4 days my fine lines are less noticeable and my skin doesn't look dull. And no allergic reaction or breakouts. Now I am waiting for another sale event to order a full size set.
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  • So Glad I Tried This!

    I've been eyeing Tatcha for awhile, but didn't know what would be best for me. I decided to get this set since it has four products that are supposed to work well together. I used all four steps every day and saw a difference right away. It was so gentle on my skin but made it look noticeably smoother and brighter. I'm sold! The cleansing oil is my favorite so far and will definitely get a bigger one when I'm done with the mini.
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  • Skin-changing regimen!

    I love this starter pack which helped truly change the texture of my skin. It's smooth, soft and glowing! I need to buy the full sizes now!
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