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This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

“Traditional Japanese Practice”

“... the essence softens skin as it hydrates and sets the stage for serums and moisturizers to come.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing Recipes

    I ordered this set once I declared my love for the cleansing ritual. These products are extraordinary. I've never had the redness/flush on my face diminish no matter what skin care products I tried. And, I've kept company with countless ones over these many years. Now I wonder...were these other products causing the irritation? What amazed me most is I need to buy a lighter foundation shade because my skin is evening out.
    I already adore the cleansers, but the Water Cream is new for me and it's so refreshing and concentrated. Since I'm oily/combo, I detest products that create an oil slick on my face. This one absorbs beautifully. Ahhh...the Essence. I suspect it's playing the major role in improving my aging skin and the other products play the supporting role. No matter. They all work beautifully together to restore harmony to the skin.
    I would love to see Tatcha create an eye cream for the oily/combo aging skin type, build on the makeup line and create a fragrance that mirrors back the Tatcha pedigree. Finally, I'm so glad this travel size kit was offered so that I could try the products. I will save up to buy full sizes of these amazing recipes.
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  • Not sure what happened

    I think having starter kits shows how much confidence Tatcha has for its products, and rightfully so. I purchased the full-size set before I even finished with this one. After just one week my skin became brighter. I let my sister try the powder enzyme and she is hooked immediately. For my other concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation and expression lines, it took a bit of time but I do see improvements after a month. My skin only behaves when I am on medication. I am not sure what happened, Tatcha works.
    It sounds strange but I do look forward to the cleansing and moisturizing ritual every day. The scent, the aftermath, I would say it is totally worth the price.
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  • Extremely satisfied, customer for life

    I am really impressed with Tatcha products and this kit is not only an amazing deal but works fantastically. I have a somewhat oily t-zone, acne prone skin and deep cystic hormonal acne associated with monthly cycles. As a result, I was hesitant to try the One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil but happily can say that it not only did it not cause any breakouts but gently and efficiently removes makeup (including waterproof mascara) without tugging, aggressive rubbing or leaving makeup residue behind like towelettes and micellular products tend to do, The polish is unscented, very gentle and is very appropriately named. The texture is different than any other cleanser I've used and really does "polish" the skin. It is also quick, leaves no residue and skin is squeaky clean and supple. I wasn't sure if the essence was necessary, but it definitely helps eye creams and any other products you use absorb quickly. After 6 weeks of use, my skin is much more supple, t-zone is far less oily at the end of the day, overall skin texture is even and a bit brighter, and I did not have a significant monthly breakout which was awesome. I have now purchased the full sizes of each of these products and I am saving the remainder of the kit for travel :) I chose three different moisturizers as my free samples and have found that the Soothing Triple Recovery Cream works best for me compared to the water cream, so will be buying a full size of this as well. These products are awesome, the packaging is gorgeous, and the hand written note is a sweet touch. You have a customer for life!​
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  • Cliente Francaise très contente

    Je suis ravi de ma premiere commande chez Tatcha . je suis en France et c'est une super decouverte vos produit sont tes agréable et efficace ,l'emballage est très soigné et avoir un petit mot manuscrit personnalisée est tres appreciable . merci Tatcha <3

    I am delighted with my first order at Tatcha. I am in France and it is a great discovery your products pleasant and efficient, the packaging is very neat and have a small handwritten personalized note is very appreciable. thank you Tatcha <3
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  • I am SO disappointed...

    I am so disappointed...that I didn't try this sooner! I have struggled with acne since I was 14. It was so severe I was put on Accutane! I have used other name brand products-one in particular with the celebrity endorsements-for over 10 years. But the acne has always been present-better at times but still there. The last 3 months my face has exploded with acne and I was in major distress. A dear friend of mine gifted me with the Indigo body butter a while back, and while looking at the Tatcha website for more I happened upon the new skin care rituals. I ordered the starter pack as recommended by Derrick, and already there is major improvement after 4 days of using it morning and night. My skin glows and its so radiant and dewey and the ritual feels so good! My husband says it looks like baby's skin, and the acne is slowly drying up. I am hooked on Tatcha and will order the full size very soon. Thank you Tatcha, I am forever grateful and am now a lifelong customer! I hope to own every product available :)
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