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This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

“Traditional Japanese Practice”

“... the essence softens skin as it hydrates and sets the stage for serums and moisturizers to come.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Great Starter Kit for the unsure customer

    I have been telling my mom about how wonderful Tatcha products are, but she is such a frugal spender and didn't want to buy it... SO, I bought this starter kit for her for Christmas. She has been raving about how great the products are all week! I'm sure she will be making a purchase soon! This is really a great value, and definitely recommended!
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  • Savior

    Tatcha saved my skin! I had breakouts that I've never had an issue with before. I started using this set about almost 2 weeks ago and my breakouts are entirely gone, except for some hormonal ones.. And my acne scarring is becoming less visible! I'm in love.
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  • First time Tatcha and already made my 2nd order!

    This is my very first time to try Tatcha's products since I heard lots of great things about them. I am an Asian and I have been trusting skin care products from Japan for a long long time. I have combination skin and in winter and have struggled to get my skin moist. I tried lots of cleansers and moisturizers... a fair amount of them made my skin dry after applying the products. But Tatcha totally surprised me - the Essence works like a wonder. After I apply two drops on my face, I already feel my skin gets softer and smoother. Then I use the water cream afterwards... my skin gets so moist and that lasts a long long time! It is just incredible!I just got my products 2 days ago and I have already got another gift bag order for my friend. Will definitely keep using the essence and water cream - will recommend to any of my friends!! Thank you Tatcha! You are simply amazing!!!
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  • Amazing Recipes

    I ordered this set once I declared my love for the cleansing ritual. These products are extraordinary. I've never had the redness/flush on my face diminish no matter what skin care products I tried. And, I've kept company with countless ones over these many years. Now I wonder...were these other products causing the irritation? What amazed me most is I need to buy a lighter foundation shade because my skin is evening out.
    I already adore the cleansers, but the Water Cream is new for me and it's so refreshing and concentrated. Since I'm oily/combo, I detest products that create an oil slick on my face. This one absorbs beautifully. Ahhh...the Essence. I suspect it's playing the major role in improving my aging skin and the other products play the supporting role. No matter. They all work beautifully together to restore harmony to the skin.
    I would love to see Tatcha create an eye cream for the oily/combo aging skin type, build on the makeup line and create a fragrance that mirrors back the Tatcha pedigree. Finally, I'm so glad this travel size kit was offered so that I could try the products. I will save up to buy full sizes of these amazing recipes.
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  • Not sure what happened

    I think having starter kits shows how much confidence Tatcha has for its products, and rightfully so. I purchased the full-size set before I even finished with this one. After just one week my skin became brighter. I let my sister try the powder enzyme and she is hooked immediately. For my other concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation and expression lines, it took a bit of time but I do see improvements after a month. My skin only behaves when I am on medication. I am not sure what happened, Tatcha works.
    It sounds strange but I do look forward to the cleansing and moisturizing ritual every day. The scent, the aftermath, I would say it is totally worth the price.
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