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This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

“Traditional Japanese Practice”

“... the essence softens skin as it hydrates and sets the stage for serums and moisturizers to come.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    I tried to use the normal skin travel set and it just wasn't for me. I almost have up till I tried indigo. It truly is for sensitive skin and now I'm obsessed. I enjoy washing my face with absolutely no irritation.
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  • Saver of my sensitive skin

    I’ve tried many luxury brands and mostly ended up with redness and irritation. So I was very cautious to try new products. After reading all great reviews about Tatcha and found out products were made in Japan, I decided to give it a try. Start with this set for sensitive skin is a safe way and really impressed me. My skin felt comfortable relieved and hydrated right after first use and cleared all my doubts about Tatcha. I love All four included in this set, and definitely will get their full size for long-term use. I would highly recommend this brand to everyone.
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  • It worked for my sensitive, aging skin!

    I am 50, and I have sensitive, dry skin that is prone to mild rosacea on most days, and eczema occasionally. Due to its sensitivity, I gave up on face washes, and exfoliants years ago, relying on water to cleanse my skin. But my skin was becoming dull as I aged, and the rosacea was more evident. I also use a day SPF that is mineral-based, as I can't tolerate other sunscreens, so my skin needed better cleansing. After trying a number of different brands, my skin was worse and more reactive. One of the sales staff at Sephora urged me to try Tatcha. I was skeptical about using a face oil or an exfoliant, concerned that the rosacea would be aggravated or I would develop eczema patches. But I checked out the website, and discovered their line for sensitive skin. I tried it — and the redness in my skin calmed down within a few days, and the rosacea on my nose settled. In the past month, I've travelled by air three times and stayed in hotels, which always worsens my skin. Tatcha came to the rescue, and I can honestly say that my skin looks the best it has looked in a very long time. Smooth, not red, and not dry. I live in a cold climate, and I am so happy to have the Indigo Renewal Cream to get my skin through the winter. :) I only wish that Tatcha had a Canadian site or that Sephora carried the Indigo Renewal Cream, as it adds considerably to the price to order it from the US website.
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  • Amazing results in just few days

    I've always thought that people who write superlative reviews about cosmetic products exaggerate. This is until I started using Tatcha's sensitive skin travel set :).
    I've never had a smoother, calmer and nicer looking skin. After trying various high end brands, this is the best result I have ever achieved in such a short time and everyone around me has noticed the change in my skin and confidence :). Thank you, Tatcha! You won my heart :)!
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  • Game changer!!

    After a few days using this system, I notice my skin overall is much softer and smoother than it has been in years, and my rosacea has even improved visibly. I have been trying for 15 years to find something to combat the redness and care for my skin without irritating it, and this is the best thing I have ever found. The persistent rosacea redness I have experienced even while on oral antibiotics are diminishing after just a few uses of these products!! I am also very impressed with the packaging on this starter kit - I will definitely order the full sized products, but I really like that these smaller ones are designed well enough that I'll be able to keep them and use them for travel.
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