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New York TImes

“Japanese Detox Tips”

"...Victoria Tsai, the founder of the geisha-inspired beauty line Tatcha, offers a few smaller suggestions for achieving flawless skin."

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Customer Reviews

  • My summer fragrance!

    I've been using this all summer and can't say enough about it. As soon as I get out of shower I just spray all over. Then I rub it in and the fragrance is just heavenly. I use to always open the body butter and body scrub just to smell it. I like what another reviewer said. "You have to close that jar eventually". Now I can just spray anytime I need or want it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING US THIS PRIDUCT. A candle with this fragrance would be so nice!
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  • The best!

    This product spits more than sprays. It feels a bit sticky when first applied... but then the magic starts. It leaves my skin so soft, refreshed and with a nice shimmer. Just amazing. Better than all of the lotions I have tried... and I have tried a lot. Tatcha did it again.
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  • A favorite fragrance

    For anyone who has fallen in love with Tatcha's signature fragrance - that beautiful scent you wish you could have more of (you do have to close that jar of indigo body butter or silk cream moisturizer eventually) - this body spray is a must. I love that its formula is hydrating, too - on days I don't have time to apply lotion / when it just feels too warm for that, I'll spritz this instead. The fragrance, however, is what keeps me spritzing. It smells so dreamy, like I'm in a private spa surrounded by blooming citrus orchards and bamboo. This is definitely a refreshing scent, not sweet or powdery - truly in time for the summer. If you love a light, elegant fragrance that leaves your skin feeling silky, this is quite the treat :-)
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  • Refreshing!

    I tried this because the first item I ever purchase was the Dewy Skin Mist from Sephora. It arrived packaged absolutely beautifully by Tatcha with a lovely handwritten note. I appreciated that attention to detail and made my first purchase with Tatcha directly feel special. Now for the Mist... This feels like an even more lightweight version of the face mist. I use it after towel drying my skin after a shower. I feel that when my skin is warm it just helps it to feel refreshed and hydrated. I love the delicate scent it has and makes me feel calm and ready to face the day. I look forward to the new items Tatcha will be unveiling in the future!
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  • Not what I expected

    First off, I love the Tatcha brand and use several of the products - none of which I have returned. As another purchaser mentioned, I was so looking forward to a body mist. For me, the scent also did not last and it made my skin feel sticky. I envisioned an overall continuous body spray that I could wear during spring and summer - which I think this is intended to be - but I could not smell it at all after an hour or so. I did try it on three separate days to actually give it a chance, but at $50/bottle, it's truly not cost effective for me to keep it.
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