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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing but a bit problematic

    This is literally the best product ever created! I've been using it every morning for over a month and my combination skin is finally improving: in the T-zone my pores are shrinking, no more visible blackheads and squeezing my pores is now a thing of the past. Around the dry-zone my skin is more radiant, I was afraid that it would react negatively or get dryer but it's working wonders. However... I have a thing with the dispenser, I'm halfway with the tube and it's impossible to get the product out unless I leave it upside down overnight. Is it possible to get a pump?
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  • Didn’t think I’d fall in love with this formula

    I initially used the powder cleanser but ran out and didn’t have enough in my budget for another one at the moment so I tried this one since it was cheaper for the time being until I had enough funds again to purchase the powder one. I fell in love instantly when I used this as it didn’t make my skin feel tight and dry after a wash and made my face glow after the first 2 washes. Even my dermatologist commented on my skin being clear. I’ll be having this in my routine now as a permanent item.
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  • Fantastic!!

    This is the best cleanser! It makes my face feel perfectly clean and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. Will continue to use it. Thanks Tatcha for all your products.
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  • Effective and refreshing

    I really like this cleanser, it works well with my clarisonic. I even sprinkle in some rice enzyme powder every so often. I just wish it were packaged in a tube to make it easier to use.
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  • Amazing

    I picked up a trial size of this on a whim and fell in love. It's great for my oily skin and is part of my night routine now.
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