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Eastern promise


“Eastern Promise”

"... never-before-seen details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha?"

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This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

“Traditional Japanese Practice”

“... the essence softens skin as it hydrates and sets the stage for serums and moisturizers to come.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Everyone should get this!!!!

    My skin is loving the essence so much!!!! It's hydrating and soothing. My serum and cream absorb so much better after applying the essence. Worth the price!!!
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  • Love it!

    I just love this on my skin. It absorbs immediately. Thus will now be part of my daily skin care!
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  • Excellent

    Excellent performance... hydrating, improves skin tone, no dryness, no redness, brightens and makes skin silky smooth... very very good absorbance. After trying numerous essences (including very highly rated ones from SKII, SU:M37, etc.) this one stands out as the best especially since my skin is very sensitive and this essence did not trigger any issues. My skin just loves it.
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  • Love this product!

    I've used essences from other Asian brands (SKII, etc.) and it just doesn't compare to this one! The product created the best environment for my skin to fully absorb the rest of the skincare items. My skin was going through a rough period these past few months from over exfoliation, bad sleeping patterns and stress related issues - this has helped me dialed back and re-hydrated my skin to start the healing process back to my normal, clear skin. I do wish the travel size would be coming soon or another deluxe gift with purchase!
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  • As someone w/ terrible skin and rosacea...

    I wish I could write a general review of all the products I've tried. It would still be five stars. Tatcha products have been (after a lifetime of using almost no skin care products due to sensitivity) transformative.

    This stuff has the consistency of water (I keep it in the fridge to cool my face) and yet does its thing better than heavy, greasy creams. It also goes on wonderfully under other products. The entire idea of layering products goes against decades of rosacea advice, but works with the right Tatcha products!

    I'd feel really weird spending so much on facial creams if I hadn't once, as a broke as hell grad student, paid 1500$ for a series of IPL treatments that did nothing. I've been battling horrible skin my whole life. It isn't cured, but it's better than I can ever remember.
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