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Eastern promise


“Eastern Promise”

"... never-before-seen details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha?"

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This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

“Traditional Japanese Practice”

“... the essence softens skin as it hydrates and sets the stage for serums and moisturizers to come.”

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Customer Reviews

  • My Missing Step

    As soon as I could, I purchased this new product. I've gotten into the habit of immediately purchasing new TATCHA products because so far, I've loved everything! At first, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The Essence seemed a little foreign to me. However, once I received it and tired it, I knew that this was the step in my skincare routine that I had been missing. Basically, it's a toner. But really it's so much more than a toner! It doesn't strip the skin like many traditional toners. With each application, (which is super easy btw) my skin feels softer, plumper, and appears brighter. I, of course, use the rest of my TATCHA regimen (Brightening Serum, Moisture Rich Silk Cream, etc.) and I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited about this product and look forward to more TATCHA creations in the future!
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  • Works Wonders!

    The Essence is wonderful. I'm 28, and have been suffering from sebaceous psoriasis for years- and have recently developed dry red flaky patches on my face. I've been using The Essence every night before bed, and I feel as though it has been helping my dry spots become much less flaky and irritated. Honestly incredible, as I haven't been able to help my psoriasis with anything but topical steroids before. I am so happy to have found The Essence! I'll be telling my friends, this product works wonders for people with drying skin conditions...Thank you for making such a great product!
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  • The Essence-tial...Wow

    I knew it! - The missing link to balanced skin. In just 24 hrs this has kept my skin deeply hydrated. I'm using tretinoin plus the dry heat from the furnace and my skin needed deep penetration. It's the only thing I have put on my décolleté that hasn't caused red bumps. While I do not have wrinkled skin there it's thinner and more fragile than before 40. This is going to be a skin saver when traveling in dry hotel rooms. Fragrance free -no stinging - Refreshing like clean rain water. Way to go, Tatcha.....
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  • Love

    I've been using this for 3 days now and I can tell already how much my skin loves this. It feels cool as I gently press it onto my face. I can feel it sinking in as I let it dry before applying my other Tatcha products. I ordered another one today knowing that this will sell out quickly and when I do run out of my first one, which will take a while, I don't want to be without it. I have found my "forever skin care".
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  • Amazing!!

    This essence is absolutely amazing. At first I was skeptical about adding another product to my daily skincare routine. However, after using this for a short time and applying just a small amount, I now understand the importance of including this. My skin is more hydrated and feels like butter! Everyone needs to try this amazing essence!!!
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