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Eastern promise


“Eastern Promise”

"... never-before-seen details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha?"

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This Essence Saved My Sensitive Winter Skin

“Traditional Japanese Practice”

“... the essence softens skin as it hydrates and sets the stage for serums and moisturizers to come.”

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Customer Reviews

  • Velvety Smooth

    I received my Essence a couple of hours ago, and of course I had to try it right away... I can't stress enough how positively surprised I am. It was a very pleasant sensation on my skin, and when I just walked by a mirror, I noticed that my skin looks different, better than before (and note that I'm already on a Tatcha regimen!) and it feels velvety smooth. You got me hooked once again <3
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  • I love the new Essence!

    It really does help to perk up the skin and make it very soft and happily hydrated. As a person with oily skin, it is really great to have a way to add extra hydration without adding extra oil.
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  • Simply essential

    I've been a fan of using essences for a while now (I'll take anything with anti-aging ;-) ) and this one has quickly become my favorite. I realized this when I found myself always reaching for it! It has the texture of water at first but once it's pressed into my skin, it feels quite silky. It has no fragrance, which I love. My skin drinks this in, along with my moisturizer. The nice part of pressing this into my skin every morning and evening is that I can feel my skin's texture improving.
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  • Transformative

    It's hard for me to explain why this is so amazing. When I first applied it, it was just a thin, watery consistency. I didn't immediately feel it sinking in or soothing or tingling. I applied my usual ageless renewal cream on top of it and went to bed. When I woke up—oh man! I stuck with it twice a day for a few weeks and everything got better. My acne scars faded, my skin stopped getting dry halfway through the day, I even passed that time of the month without a single breakout. I don't know what's in this magical elixir but I'll be getting several more bottles, thank you very much!
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  • newbie to this

    my skin loves this. it feels so nourished
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