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Customer Reviews

  • I had to write a review now that I've been using a while

    Amazing I feel like my skin so soft and glowing!
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  • Love this amazing

    I love this mask makes my skin feel so glowy and my dark spots are fading away.
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  • Absolutely Amazing

    This mask is one of a kind. I have tried many different masks but nothing performs quite like this one. It gives my skin a blurring effect, smaller pores, glow, and balance- all in ONE. I originally tried it because my friend had it, and she gave me a mini. Now I cannot go without it because whenever I use a different mask I just long for the effects of this one. I’ve tried other masks that make the same claims, but this one goes above and beyond.
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  • Masks Bah....

    So, I really don't like or make time for masks. Never have...until this one. I’m not sure why I felt compelled to venture into giving masks another whirl, but suspect it’s because Tatcha was written on the pretty jar. How can one application of a purple cream-jell consistency provide plumping and just an overall younger appearance to the skin? With these impressive results, I’ve managed to find time twice a week to embrace a few minutes of purple skin and eat a nice bowl of crow. Tatcha’s mask is sublime.
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  • Don't waste time, just buy it!

    I spent the last 10 months trying to get rid of a nasty hyper-pigmentation all around my face due to years of waxing and being in the sun whiteout protection. I tried everything: IPLs, an AHA treatment that "helps elephants", another that promises that "genes" will be good.... Nothing worked. I got a sample of this mask at Sephora and wow, noticeable improvement. Then I bought the full size. Now my skin is 75% clear, in only three weeks. Hint: I used this treatment every other day for two weeks, then went down to twice a week.
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