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Customer Reviews

  • My favorite mask by far!

    I'm on my third jar of this mask because I use it almost every day. Each time I open a new jar I get excited to see the color of this beautiful mask. I'm addicted! Addicted to the look, scent, and how my skin looks and feels when I use it. It is so easy to apply- one scoop is all that is needed. I rub it on like a moisturizer and go and scan Instagram (haha) for 15 minutes and poof, I'm done! I use a wash cloth to remove it and that gives me a little extra exfoliation as well. I'm now following up with The Deep Cleanse in the morning and my skin has never looked better. Love it!
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  • Would have given five stars...

    I LOVE this mask!!!! It feels wonderful! My only complaint is that my jar was not full! I spent $70.00 of my hard earned money and the jar was NOT FULL. I have seen other similar complaints about this product online as well. Please correct this issue, Tatcha. I love and respect your products because they do what they say. I don’t want to feel stupid for supporting this company. Thanks in advance.
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  • Helped acne scarring after years of trying to get rid of it!

    2 years ago my face broke out in cystic acne after never having acne before. The acne is 95% gone now but I still have major scarring from picking and popping. I never write reviews but this deserved it. Even though it's an anti-aging mask, if you have scarring from acne TRY this product!!! I've been using it for about 2 weeks and my scarring is completely cleared up on one side of my face and almost clear on the other side. I have tried numerous products even from the dermatologist and nothing else has helped even the tiniest bit. I am so so so happy!! I also had texture on my cheeks near my nose and my face is soooo smooth now. This product is absolutely amazing and has given me so much confidence in my face and hope that I will have nice skin.
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  • The best product I never knew I needed!

    I got a sample of this product on a whim. Initially I had little interest as I'd already been using other lines. But I was AMAZED after the first few applications. This product is creamy, goes on smoothly and feels very hydrating as it doesn't dry out during use. My skin was surprisingly soft afterwards given the AHA content is only 10%. This product is very gentle. No tingling or stinging. My skin started looking so much more radiant and my makeup now goes on more smoothly. I love how nourishing the ingredients are. I'm a convert and am saving for a full size. Tatcha never fails to surprise me!
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  • My new favorite Tatcha product!

    Like other reviewers of this new elegant product, I felt I needed to take a moment to review this find. When Tatcha hits the mark with a product it is hard to beat. My notable finds are the Essence, Kyoto Red lipstick, the body scrub and now this mask. I have been using the mask for 2 weeks at least twice a week and have discovered that my skin has become very soft, smooth and a more bright and radiant color - healthy. Anyone in their 60s will know that skin begins to look dull and strained easily - too little sleep, stress will show up immediately in your skin. This mask appears to replenish my skin so that the stresses of life and the winter weather are erased. I really look healthier (and younger). This was more than I expected from a beauty product. And as always, the Tatcha product is packaged with beauty and care. That is part of the delight in using this product line. Opening the products makes me happy and happiness does impact your looks.
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