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Customer Reviews

  • Magic!

    This cream works like magic on my oily skin. My skin feels hydrated and plump. I have gotten so many compliments. I adore Tatcha products.
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  • Always make this cream!

    I discovered this moisturizer through a set I bought at Sephora. The mini I received was perfect to last me a couple of weeks and within that time I couldn't believe how much my skin improved. My skin has been an oil slick all the way from my mid-teens until now in my 30's. The result has been enlarged pores on my cheeks and nose, and periodical breakouts, mostly on my chin, temples, and cheeks. Within the short weeks that I used the mini Water Cream, I saw a huge improvement in the texture of my skin and oil, so I decided to buy the full size. I have now finished a full jar and have just ordered my second. My skin has never looked this good in my life! This moisturizer absolutely lives up to the hype. My skin looks smoother and my pores, while not gone, are much, much smaller. My pimples occur less often and I even noticed my dark spots fading. I have changed my concealer to a lighter formula because I no longer need full coverage. I am so happy that I found this cream. Don't ever stop making it!
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  • Another mediocre product in expensive packaging.

    I am one with sensitive skin, but this product did not cause my skin to break out. It is fine as a light moisturizer, but beyond that it does *nothing* that the manufacturer claims that it does.
    I have enlarged pores on my cheeks. Using the Tatcha Water Cream religiously certainly did not help alleviate any of that. Just to be sure before being conclusive about the ineffectiveness of this cream, I went through 2 bottles.The hefty price-tag is for a mediocre product in fashionable packaging. You are pretty much paying a fortune for the fancy bottle, and not for the product. What helped my enlarged pores is a periodic, light microdermabrasion, not this product.
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  • Unique Moisterizer

    This is special even compared to other water creams. This breaks into the most watery liquid yet and is absorbed fast. It has a light scent to it that disappears fast. This is great for Florida weather year round. I have not broken out in tiny bumps since I've started using this. I use this as a day moisturizer under my Tatcha sunscreen.
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  • The perfect moisturizer realized

    I have worked in beauty for about 20 years. I have never come across a moisturizer that works so well, feels so good, and is priced so affordably. They could easily charge twice this amount and I would pay it. It feels very cool and comforting as you massage it on. Then, within seconds, it is absorbs with no stickiness left. I only use the amount the little gold spatula takes out and it is the perfect amount. My skin is consistently glowing and the occasional blemish hardly ever happens now. I also find less need to blot my skin during the day. I hope Tatcha never stops making this cream.
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