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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing !

    I want to personally thank Tatcha for restoring my skin & my self-esteem. In a bid to start a skin care routine at the age of 29 I ended up completely destroying my skin. Using so many brands and products that only seemed to make the problem worse. I ended up with painful cystic acne, dry spots, scarring, and redness/rashes, my skin was awful! While holidaying in New York I picked up the best sellers kit. By the time we got to Hawaii I was more than ready to commit to full sizes, I ended up purchasing - camellia one step cleansing oil, the essence , the water cream, the luminous dewy skin mist , & a 4 pack of deep hydration masks (which I never got to use because between the hotel and the airport they went missing :( ) the water cream plumps my skin and offers it the perfect amount of hydration with no residue, my skin is softer , the texture is so smooth, I no longer get clogged pores and I’ve not had a single pimple since starting the regime . My skin has never been better and the water cream has played a major roll in that! Thank you so much Tatcha.
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    I have pretty dry skin during the Winter, and normal skin during the Summer. I have used the Water Cream for about 6 months now, and WHOA! It's like little water droplets bursting on your face. It feels so good, and not oily like my other moisturizers. I saw a huge difference in my skin after 1 month of using the cream.
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  • Best Moisturizer for Combination skin

    Before using this, I was using something prescribed to me and it wasn't doing anything good. I have an oily t-zone and tend to break out a lot so I knew I had to change it. Some Youtubers had talked about it before so I decided to give it a try. BEST PURCHASE EVER! It helped my texture a whole lot and it keeps my skin hydrated without the heaviness of an oil-based cream. Love the formula, smell, and the packaging is amazing. Can't live without this!!
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  • Holy Grail Moisturizer

    I have oily skin that's prone to break-outs, and I've been looking for a really nice weightless gel moisturizer that has no shiny residue and cares for oily skin, all without compromising the integrity of the moisturizer. I found that a lot of moisturizers for oily/acne skin were really quite light and didn't give me the moisture I wanted for a night cream. I picked up a tub of this at Sephora after hearing about the brand for a while, and from the first use, I've been in love. The packaging is SO pretty, and I really like how it comes with a golden spatula to prevent contamination and spreading of bacteria. The product smells clean, but it's not overpowering at all. It has the power of a heavy moisturizer, but the finish of a gel - exactly what I was looking for. 10/10 product.
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  • The Best Thing Ever

    This and the camellia oil cleanser are absolute must haves for me. I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. I hate feeling the least bit greasy or filmy. This is so hydrating and perfect in every way. My skin cleared up so much after using the combo for only a week or so! I will never be without it again.
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