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11 Ways to Make Mornings Easy

11 Ways to Make Mornings Easy

As much as I treasure the early hours of the morning, precious moments of getting ready to head out the door can feel like the most stressful part of my day. Inspired by Japanese wisdom and wellness practices, here are a few of my favorite tips to start the day off right:

  1. Start your day with superfoods. The Japanese diet is rich in ingredients that are good for health and skin alike. Try crumbling dried seaweed onto a fried egg or omelet, or take breakfast to go with a matcha smoothie. To make this even more effortless, make a week's worth of smoothies on Sunday, divide them into individual jars, and leave in the freezer for a quick blend in the morning.
  2. Have a morning playlist. This helps me get energized in the morning and works particularly well for kids. My daughter, Alea, knows that she has the duration of a two-minute song to brush her teeth, she has two songs to pick her outfit, and then a one-song break to dance in her room.
  3. Rise with natural light (or fake it). Our bodies wake much more easily if natural light is available, but if you are often setting your morning alarm while it’s still dark, try a sunrise alarm clock.
  4. Wear a uniform. Streamlining my closet to black leggings and blouses made the process of getting dressed much faster, saving me precious minutes in the morning.
  5. Ready what you can the night before. Whether it's packing a bag for the gym, preparing a meal for the day, or arranging your shoes and handbag near the door, do your morning self a favor by taking some tasks off the list the night before.
  6. Declutter your space to declutter your morning. Keeping your nightstand, bathroom counter and kitchen mess-free will make it easier to find your essentials in the morning.  Bonus: this gives a mental clarity to start the day.
  7. Have a mantra for the day. There may be one you use every day, or you may choose a new one the evening before. I like to write it down and leave it on my nightstand so it's the first thing I see in the morning. Some of my favorites recently have been: "Pursue perfection in the details." "Practice gratitude." "Ichi-go, ichi-e: Just this moment, once in a lifetime."
  8. Go to bed on time. Morning routines help streamline the day, but going to bed as early as possible the night before helps to make mornings much more cheerful.
  9. Multi-task. I've always loved items that are multi-purpose and work hard for me. My favorite items include an alarm clock that begins to prep my coffee and a multi-use lip and cheek stain so I can get more done with less effort.
  10. Eliminate all unnecessary decision-making. I often eat the same breakfast and take the same route into work to save time and energy on making choices in the morning.
  11. Create a morning ritual to get you in the rhythm for the day. I personally like to wash my face before doing anything else. Try a morning meditation, or a cup of coffee while reading the news in bed.

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Published December 26, 2017
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