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Making Sense of Sensitive Skin

Making Sense of Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin changes your life in so many ways, more than many would imagine. For most of my life, my skin was naturally resilient and problem-free.  Then about a decade ago, I noticed some mild redness and stinging on the back of my neck. The rashy, red bumps transformed how my skin looked, and felt. Every minute, every motion brought an itchy, uncomfortable reminder that something was not quite right.

“Trying to narrow down the cause of the reaction was a slow and tedious process, and letting go of my favorite beauty products one-by-one was a tremendous disappointment.”

In addition to abandoning my cherished skincare products and cosmetics, there were other major lifestyle changes I had to make — trying all kinds of fragrance- and chemical-free detergents, shampoos and soaps. Although I tried my best to be mindful of what I was using, I didn’t always have a choice. While traveling, I’d worry that the detergent used on the bed sheets at a hotel might trigger a reaction, which happened more than once.

Doctors prescribed powerful topical steroids to reduce the inflammation, but my skin remained rough for weeks after an outbreak. I longed to go back to using my favorite, familiar creams, but because I didn't know exactly what ingredients were causing the problem, they stayed stashed in a drawer. When I walked through stores, I felt like I was missing out on cutting-edge skincare and beauty products, which have long been a passion of mine. It didn’t feel like those products were for me anymore, and I missed being able to sample the latest releases.

Since starting Tatcha and working closely with the world’s leading formulators and chemists, I’ve never forgotten what it was like to long for elegant skincare with exquisite textures and anti-aging benefits that would suit my finicky skin. That’s why all of Tatcha’s collection is non-sensitizing and dermatologist-tested, and why we promise not to use known irritants like PEGs. When we discovered the powerful, anti-inflammatory benefit of natural Japanese Indigo a few years ago, I knew this was a promising step towards creating a collection of creams that not only restored skin’s suppleness, but also offered other anti-aging benefits to the skin.

The newest addition to the collection is our Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream, which blends skin-soothing Japanese Indigo extract and calming Colloidal Oatmeal with our anti-aging Hadasei-3 Bioactive Complex. This daily, nourishing facial moisturizer was created with sensitive skin in mind, but is also a beneficial addition for all skin types. Inflammation may be most immediately visible in sensitive skin, but is recently recognized as a leading cause of premature aging in general. At Tatcha, we’ve found that the best botanicals to revitalize and heal sensitive skin are some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. Whether your skin is feeling sensitive, in need of extra hydration, or you’d like to help it stay glowing, the timeless ingredients in our Soothing Triple Recovery Cream are at the forefront of anti-aging care.

Sometimes it's comforting just knowing that you're not alone in having sensitive skin, or being bewildered and frustrated about all the ways it affects your daily life. And I hope you take comfort in knowing that we will always keep creating the very best formulas we can so that everyone can enjoy the secrets of simple, effective Japanese skin care rituals that leave your skin smooth, supple and radiant once again.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published July 12, 2015
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